Best of board games

gamesDo you love board gaming?

Well it is really easy to check which are the best board games of the season. So it is up to you what you want to play. Here we will be reviewing some of the best board games out there.

1. Settlers of Katan – well very famous game this one is on top of our list because it is fun to play and really easy to learn. No had rules that you have to study in advance and only 10-15 mins of setup at the begging.

2.Dixit- card game but most of it comes from story telling. A really fun game when you play it with new people and very dull one when you play it a lot and you know all the cards by heart.

Board gaming is not always considered as the best fun but lots of people really like playing it. And we have to admit that it is much better than drinking and overeating.